Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekly Newsletter

Ms. S from The Brand New Pencil is hosting a newsletter linky party so I thought I would join too!  

I send home my newsletter every Tuesday.  Our school has what we call "Communication Envelopes" that go home each Tuesday with information from the school and community.  In my newsletter I include what we are learning for the week, any important reminders for parents, and any special activities that are happening.  

I also send home my monthly class calendar, homework calendar and family project at the beginning of each month.  My team and I take turns creating the monthly homework calendars.  You can find the calenders and family projects on our school webpage.  My class calendar is under my name (Mrs. Giese).


  1. How fun.
    I look forward to your blog adventure.

  2. Cute blog! Thank you for putting me on your blog roll!

    Happy Easter!
    Little Priorities